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Diesel Electric Power is proud to be the official distributors for INMESOL generators in Ireland, creating a world-class partnership of high quality equipment, reliable and efficient service.

Inmesol, founded more than 25 years ago from an initial business project, has evolved from a small workshop to a group of companies, the Solano Group, whose flagship is Inmesol, based in Murcia, Spain.

Currently, Inmesol is present in more than 80 countries on five continents with a wide range of generators that integrate the most innovative technology for the most demanding markets.  The company has grown continuously to position itself as one of the best Manufacturers of generators in the world.


Inmesol designs, manufactures and markets technically advanced generators, both in open version and in soundproof version, from 2 to 2500 kVA of power PRP.   Its range of equipment is diversified into ranges with which it responds to any need for energy supply that you may require, whatever your location or site conditions.

One of the factors that increase the competitiveness of the INMESOL brand is the bet on investment in Research, Development and Innovation. The continuous training of personnel and research is translated into a great capacity for innovation and excellent technical expertise.

Inmesol accumulates decades of research to improve its generators in order to satisfy customers in the most demanding international markets.

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