diesel generator inmesol

There are many points to consider when buying a generator to ensure you get the right model for your needs.  Here is our top tips and guide to help you.

Diesel Electric Power sells new and high quality used generators, ranging from 10kVA to 2500 kVA.  With logistics capabilities throughout Europe, Middle-East and Africa, we can assist in establishing your requirements and find the right generator and maintenance plan for your needs.

Establish Your Power Needs

The options are standby or prime power.  Standby power provides backup when there is an interruption to your normal power supply, i.e. a power cut.  Prime power offers permanent supply where the primary source is expensive, unpredictable or unavailable.  This may be the case in isolated areas such as construction sites, agricultural areas or mines and quarries.

Generator Size

What is your current power usage? You’ll need to determine your maximum power usage at any given time; this will serve as the basis for determining the size of generator that you will require.  Ideally, you should purchase a generator with a capacity that’s about one-third higher than your current maximum usage levels, so you’ll have plenty of room for growth.

Warranty and Service Plans

Most manufacturers or retailers offer warranty on generators, new and used. Do they offer service or maintenance places too?

Generator Type

There are many types of generators, including industrial, heavy-duty generators and stand-by generators. The right generator type depends on your needs.  Industrial and Heavy duty generators are ideal for situations where you need to use the generator as your primary source.  Stand-by generators are suitable for periodic use as a back-up power source and portable generators are ideal for lower capacity requirements and can be transported easily.

Maintenance Requirements

What are the maintenance requirements for the generator that you are considering? All generators require routine maintenance, so these expenses and logistics must be taken into consideration.


Price is a major consideration and often, you can purchase a quality used generator for the same as what you would spend on a smaller new model.  When refurbished and maintained properly, a used generator is just as reliable and dependable as a new model however they are rare to find.  Either way Diesel Electric Power can assist you with establishing your requirements depending on your budget.

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