Generator Range

Industrial Generators

These sets are designed and engineered to give optimal performance whatever the application may be.

On-going research and development combined with many years of experience has led to the construction of a solid and robust range of generators that can cope with many harsh and adverse environmental conditions. In facilities where there is no grid supply, or the supply is very weak, these sets are often the sole source of energy.

Our customers in the telecommunications, military, marine, industrial, mining, and manufacturing sectors depend on our service for all their power generation requirements and standby emergency backup power needs.

Stand by Generators

Without warning, a loss to power can have a significant and costly impact. It could be an accident or bad weather but any kind of emergency can be a major setback for a business with more than just financial costs. A fully automatic Stand-by generator is engineered to come into operation automatically on sensing a power failure. Producing power immediately, the generator sets offer maximum performance during principle supply failure.

Diesel Electric Power ensures all equipment meets the standards established by the European Directive; however, INMESOL stand-by generators are anything but standard. Due to the high quality of bodywork, the specialised soundproof versions of these generators even reach levels of acoustic emissions below those recommended ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Whether it is an inconvenient few hours or days of no light, heat or security, it is a situation no industry wants to be in. So it is understandable why our customers want measures in place to prevent such occurrences. Taking pre-emptive action can save time, money and keep projects running.

Heavy Duty Generators

As with all generators we offer, the emphasis is on quality and reliability. The design and engineering that went into the heavyweight range of INMESOL generator sets is specifically for low-medium voltage supplies. If you have no mains connection available, these generators are a suitable solution for any situation where a power source is needed. Our customers use these generators to supply power for large industrial complexes, sizeable quarries, mines and manufacturing plants.

As the official distributer of INMESOL generators, Diesel Electric Power have a wide selection to cover all possibilities. INMESOL have put years of experience and working know-how into their products and these superior, technological advancements are now available to Diesel Electric Power commercial customers.

A feature which has arisen from this ongoing development is the ability to access the most technologically advanced control systems. This allows the gen sets to be suitable for a wide range of applications and particularly beneficial in the leisure and trade industries.

They get their name from the construction which is heavier than the standard generators, which results in a durable gen set with noise pollution at a minimum. INMESOL HD generators will supply electrical power when and wherever you need it.

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